Which small lens for parties, family gatherings etc?

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Re: I've tried them all.

Yannis1976 wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

I've tried every small m4/3 prime.

My top two would be PL 15mm f1.7 or Oly 25mm f1.8 depending on whether you want wider or tighter framing. 15mm better for scenes and groups, 25mm better for individuals. 20mm is a nice compromise between the two, but it does not have an AF motor that works for continuous AF or video. Good for pre-focused stills or posed shots. The above three lenses are honestly incredible and all are tiny, light and fast aperture. Can't go wrong with any of them.

17mm f1.8 is also pretty good, but I think 15mm f1.7 has more pop and contrast and better edge sharpness. 20mm f1.7 has better optics and is cheaper. But you wouldn't be disappointed with the 17mm f1.8. I just think there are better choices for the same or less money.

14mm f2.5 aperture is a bit slow for m4/3 and the optics are only average. 17mm f2.8 is even slower and even more mediocre optics. I wouldn't get either as a primary lens, or for anything resembling low light. There's a reason both are discontinued. They are the absolute smallest, if that is your goal. Although it's not like 15mm f1.7 or 25mm f1.8 are much bigger.

Thank you!

After much thinking and going back and forth I have narrowed my choices to the 17/1.8 or the 15/1.7. I am leaning more to the 17 because its Olympus and know I wont be able to use the aperture ring on the Lumix lens...

The 17mm/1.8 is a very ordinary lens. Read the Lenstip review. The 15mm is nice but over-priced. I really think the choice is straightforward. The 12-32mm is the one for such gatherings, since you have to take group photos, maybe some close-ups or children further away without alrming them, i.e. longer FL than 17mm. You will miss the flexibility of a zoom lens if you choose a prime. Since these type of photos won't be blown up big or used in competitions, it is fine to use higher ISO to get around the slower max aperture of this zoom lens. Higher ISO with this lens also means you get more depth of field and less mis-focussed shots. In addition, it is reasonably prices and very small. At 70g, it is amazingly light for a zoom, just the perfect match and nicely balanced for the amazingly lightweight E-M5 III. I found this tiny zoom very useful for casual gatherings, better than the larger Olympus zooms.

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