Closeup using a Minolta #0 Closeup Lens

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Closeup using a Minolta #0 Closeup Lens

Minolta used to make some nice closeup lenses. They are two-element, Achromatic lenses.  There were 3 strengths of these released:

Minolta #0 was +0.94 diopter providing a focus distance of 1.06M (41.9 inches).  This is the one I will use in this post.

Minolta #1 was +2 diopter providing a focal length of 0.5M (19.7 inches)

Minolta #2 was +3.8 diopter providing a focal length of 0.25M (10.4 inches)

What these lenses accomplish is that they allow one to focus closer than the lens would allow without it, and this is the source of the magnification.

I have the complete set and they are all 55mm in diameter.  The following pictures were taken today with an Olympus EM5ii with the low cost version 40-150mm  f4-5.6.  And these images are shot at a focal length of 150mm at a distance of about 1M.  The long focal distance helps prevent scaring away little critters.

First image is a non-cropped image showing a jumping spider (I don't know which specific kind) at this distance.  It is sitting on a rose leaf for some sense of size.

Next image, I cropped it and used Gigapixel AI to take a better look at this little critter.  I resized by 4 and used the Very Compressed Model which seemed to work best.

Next image, 4x worked well, so I decided to up the game and went for 6X resizing.

It then jump to a new leave and reached and caught what looks like an ant.

Right after this, the spider made a spideman type leap and was gone.  Couldn't find him again.  Nearby, found a Hibiscus flower not yet opened with some farmer ants raising a herd of aphids.  This also has been resized by 6x.


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