Should Sigma make an fp-M?

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Re: Should Sigma make an fp-M?

D Cox wrote:

joe173 wrote:

No. Sigma is not a giant camera company with unlimited resources. Sigma should spend their time/resources producing the update to the previous line of cameras. Make one camera model with no compromises high IQ and keep it simple. Preserve what people liked about the older style images.

Leica isn't a giant company either. They make only a few thousand of each German-made model.

I don't think the cost of putting a different Bayer colour sensor in the fp body is very great, but there is certainly a minimum order number for sensors. The microlenses for the L are a special product, even if the sensor itself is standard.

The fp series can I think be extended indefinitely so long as Sony offer improved sensors for sale. But the problem with a mono camera is that sales would be very small indeed -- maybe only a couple of thousand, if that.


Leica is not a giant company. True. But they essentially have unlimited resources as they can charge whatever they want. They are for high-end non-price sensitive users only--not dabblers.

Also, the cost of building a camera is only one consideration. You have the tech support costs, software development, cost of maintaining inventory, documentation. The more products you have, the more these incidental costs start to mushroom. This is what got the American and British automakers a few decades ago. Too many models, all built sub-par.

I agree. The sales for such a product would be small, maybe in the 100s. Much better to offer some setting in-camera software mode. To my eyes, for black and white, nothing really compares to analog film. It captures those images in a natural way digital has yet to replicate.

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