Is this voyeurism?

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Re: Is this voyeurism?

techjedi wrote:

Halina123 wrote:

Voyeurism is a personal intent with a personal outcome. This is just a photo. Without knowing the person circumstances of the photographer, it would be impossible tell.

Yes, exactly.

If you camped out at this vantage point waiting for this group to arrive so you could view them for a length of time and get some kind of satisfaction out of it and further taking photos to later relive that satisfaction, then this photo might document the photographer's voyeurism.

100%. "Voyeurism" has a lot to do with the motivation of the photographer.

If, however, the photographer was taking a hike, saw this group and snapped a shot thinking it was interesting and moved on, then its probably not voyeurism.

Some photos probably lead people to assume a voyeuristic intent more than others, but I don't think most people would have that assumption here.

Spot on.  The photo is just a photo.  If it were posted in a thread called "Is this focused properly?",  then no one would even consider voyeurism.

If you saw someone with hundreds of photos of women's feet, you might think they had some fetish, but you might discover they are a podiatrist and photos are patient's feet and change your attribution. Again, intent and context matter.

In the end, I think we should avoid drawing conclusions about the photographer from photos that have no context and present no obvious moral dilemmas in the scene.

We should also consider what the OP is really asking.  Perhaps "voyeurism" was a poor choice of words and really just wanted to know if it was socially acceptable.  As you said, context is everything.  Laying in wait  is vastly different than just snapping a photo while hiking.

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