Nikon 300 PF + TC1,4E

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Re: Nikon 300 PF + TC1,4E

I used to have the 300PF with the TC14 and it was a great combination. By itself, the 300 is magnificent and with the teleconverter it still performs really well. I took that combination to Australia with me several years ago because it was the lightest way to get to >400mm. I also had the 200-500, but left it home because of it's size and weight.  the 200-500 is a sharp lens at 500mm but the AF is disappointing for anything with fast action.  My only con about the 300mm + 1.4 teleconverter is that 420mm on a full frame is just not enough reach for a lot things, especially small birds.  Once I purchased the 500mm PF, I never touched the 300mm again, same with the 200-500, and so eventually sold those.

I'm going to repeat what others have said already, if you have enough to purchase a 300mm + teleconverter, save a little more and get the 500mm PF. You're more than 1/3 of the way there already. I have had zero regrets with the 500mm PF. It is simply my most favorite lens because of its versatility and sharpness. I also have a 600mm f4 FL which I use if I need more reach or in low light, but most of my wildlife photos with telephoto come from the 500mm PF because that's the one that's always in the bag.

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