Silver Falls - Upper North Falls with the Z50, 10-20mm AF-P

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Silver Falls - Upper North Falls with the Z50, 10-20mm AF-P

Some advice I’ve been given when approaching a subject for landscape photography is to take 5 different compositions. This week, I was out at Silver Falls State Park, a local delicacy of mine, and I visited Upper North Falls. I’m still battling knee pain, and luckily Upper North Falls is only 1/3rd a mile from the parking lot. I loaded up my bag with my main kit, and headed out.

I got distracted by some deer in the South Falls parking lot and ended up missing sunset at North Falls, but that didn’t stop me from trying to find a good frame.



Both photos with the mushroom log I really enjoy. I do wish there was a way to frame the waterfall and mushrooms so the waterfall was larger in the frame, but these are still fine. I used my widest lens and didn’t want to switch lenses while standing knee deep in the river, the sun was already set behind the hills so I was starting to rush after I took the vertical shots. Both are multiple exposures, focused near and far to get the entire scene in focus. This wasn’t the only log which had mushrooms, there were a few others on the trail completely covered in them, but it was far too dark by that point to take any shots.


With the moody waterfall I set my camera up to take photos every second, and let the sensor sensitivity be a little higher so that my motion would be frozen, if I stayed still enough. I walked around and sat in different places, hat on, hat off, hood up, hood off. I tried some with me standing in front of the waterfall, but I did those after I did the sitting shots. Naturally the ones with me and a dirty backside didn’t make my cut. Also, still wearing the sandals I was wearing as I walked around the river for the mushroom log.


A little close to the waterfall I wanted to frame the basalt walls & pool and I took this wider shot. Not a big fan of it. I should have gotten closer, and tilted the camera down more to show the cool river bed. I wanted to use the ripples in the water to lead in from the lower left, and the red vine on the right but it just wasn’t enough.


One of the last things to catch my attention as I left was the bubbles in these little pools at the bottom of the falls. It was getting dark at this point and in order to take photos fast enough for the bubbles to not be blurry, I had to increase the sensor sensitivity quite a bit. So I blended 4 shots, 3 focused from near to far at longer shutter speeds. Then one focused on the bubbles and shot with a fast shutter speed and a lot of signal noise. These were blended so I could have the silky smooth waterfall without too much noise, and the bubbles sharp at the front of the frame. As much as I like these bubbles, with all the dead space in the top left the photo is really unbalanced.

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