Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

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Re: Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

acnomad wrote:

I've been traveling with a 15" MBP (mid-2015) which is in need of retirement. I also carry an even older iPad mini which largely serves as a giant iPod at this point. I do a fair amount of post in LR and PS on the MBP while traveling and use a portable SSD to backup on the go, reconciling all via GoodSync to a Mac mini M1 each time I return home. I am trying to become a bit more agile (i.e., lighten my carryon bag) going forward. Has anyone who travels frequently migrated from carrying a MBP down to only an iPad Pro? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I tried to move most of my workflow to iPad Pro, there are a few things to consider: the new M1 iPads are plenty fast enough for anything, LR mobile and PS are pretty amazing in terms of speed and are getting tons of upgrades all the time.

if you are using LR as a main DM and for most your workflow, which also means if you are using LR (not classic) on your desktop, the iPad will work great. you can now import directly, LR is fast and solid, most adjustments are right there, round tripping to PS is a breeze, files are backed up in the cloud, life is good.

PS is not a full high end retouching desktop replacement (yet?) if you are like 99% of all people who only use 10% of what PS (desktop) can offer, you should be fine.

its easy to find this stuff out, features are listed, if everything you need is there, you are good. there are lots of other apps of course, how well they play with LR is a different question. plug ins obviously don't work or exist.

apple is making the Files app better and better and there are workarounds for a lot of stuff (FTP,...) but it is nowhere near desktop level integration. if a feature you need is not available in LR (export, file handling) you might be able to find it and you might be able to make it work but it might not be seamless and easy which is the whole point of the iPad in the first place.

I have tried but I can't really work with iOS split screen, maybe I am not smart enough, I have asked my kids and they don't really use it either, so it does not look to be an age thing.

mb air and pro are great, now battery life will be pretty close to iPad Pro, and iPad Pro with apple keyboard (or most other cases or keyboards) might actually be slightly bigger and more expensive.

I have both mbp 13 M1 and 12.9 iPad Pro M1, I prefer to use the iPad for tethered shooting with my hasselblad kit but right now there are limitations with export that make the actual workflow a little bit of a pain. I am pretty sure this will change soon, both hasselblad and apple are working on these issues from both sides. speed wise everything on both is more or less instant. the new iPad LED screen is much easier to look at outdoors, the mbp really requires a separate tripod with platform for tethering, the iPad is easier to hold and I have a cheap amazon holder that attaches to my tripod.

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