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cosmicnode wrote:

NewP510owner wrote:

I have one of these and use it on my D500 with the nikon 1.4 x mk3 tc, I mainly shoot planes flying over head (Airliners on airways) I have become quite good at it over the years, anyway to avoind any chance of image blur I tend to use the Sport mode VR thats designed for moving objects, and also keep my s speed at 1/2000sec my hand hold tech is ok hold steady keep bbf pressed and genty press the s button but keep the lens on the subject briefly before taking my finger off the focus button.

If you use BBF you need to keep your finger continuously on it if you are shooting moving subjects, Taking your finger off it locks the distance to the subject which is still moving away or towards you. Sport mode is generally for objects moving horizontally as in athletes, racing cars etc, it may not always work when shooting overhead.

But I have noticed that even at 1/2000sec some of my pics show some image blur from shake when viewd zoomed in.

Surely I dont need a higher s speed with subjects like easy moving airliners flying a steady path and tracked easily.

Thanks for the reply  -

I do keep BBF  pressed  even for a second or two after pressing the shutter,   the aircraft I shoot are  flying different  directions  sometimes horizontally  - sometimes  diagonally  and sometimes  straight over head  or flying towards or away from the camera.

I was told years ago  to follow through when tracking  an object flying  even for a second or two after pressing the shutter  to limit any delay in  tracking focus.

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