Iphone 13 Pro Max Raw - Poor Quality and Wildly Underexposed?

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Re: Iphone 13 Pro Max Raw - Poor Quality and Wildly Underexposed?

Sy_EA wrote:

Interesting, I've only had my iPhone 13 pro since the weekend but I've found the results to be very good in ProRaw although there is a bit of a learning curve that isn't particularly clear.

I don't post here much but here's my learnings so far (go easy).

When you first open the raw file in Lightroom Mobile the profile is set to Apple Embedded Colour Profile.

In my mind consider this the flat DNG with none of the ProRaw enabled computational information from the raw file, hence the image is 'Quite dark and rather flat'

Now to enable all the computational stuff I found you need to pick the 'Apple ProRaw profile'

When you do this exposure will generally look alright.

What you also notice is that under the profile is a slider, this in my mind lets you enable how much of the 'computational effect' you want applied to the image. (Brightens shadows without noise and brings back details from the highlights'

Then make your typical edits and sharpening.

In my testing I've been impressed, its definitely a learning process, and the colour science is different from my old pixel 4a but its definitely a step up.

Here's a quick example to show what I've been able to achieve which for my needs is pretty good. Also I've found the dynamic range with ProRaw profile to be quite impressive although apple's colour science leaves a little to be desired for my taste at times (easily fixed tho).

Full size edited ProRaw - exported 100% jpeg below (Shame it was such a dull grey day)

Gave this a try, and no it isn’t perfect but using the profile I think I got slightly better results at 75% profile. Although I still can’t help but laugh at the amount of noise reduction at 32 ISO hahaha

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