Nikon 500mm pf lens hood lost

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I reached out to LensCoat and they responded that their Travelhood Zoom will fit the 500mm PF. That might might be my backup in case my back order for the HB-84 isn’t fulfilled in time

Travel hood Zoom. That’s exactly what I need for my 500 PF! Just had a good look at it and other alternatives and have put an order in. I solves fitting the stock hood into my bag reversed on the lens.

That is ridiculously expensive! ... Did you get the Budget ($88) Model? ... Or did you go for the super camo $120 hood?


What we spend on this stuff is equal to the depth of our pockets squared ($²) times what we (j)ustify in our minds as to what we expect to do with our pictures plus (+) the (e)njoyment we experience from using our stuff and sharing the result ... $xxxx=$²(j+e )

Received this today! 
Granted, it is quite ‘spendy’; £114 here in the UK.  but it’s not very much in comparison to a £3600 lens which it’s protecting!  I do use a lens hood all the time both for normal light protection but also for impact purposes.  I’ve cracked a couple of hoods in the past but that hood damage completely avoided damage to the lenses.  It’s one reason I won’t use a screw in metal hood which, if dinged hard would transfer the energy to the lens filter thread where the damage would happen and lens would have to go to Nikon.  I’m sure this new hood will actually protect the lens better and won’t get damaged itself either.  
However, my motive here was the OEM hood reversed was just too tight in my bag and I didn’t want to replace a bag (yet again).  The travel hood will wrap round the narrower area of the lens for transport so takes up less space and, as it turns out, provides further padding in bag.

In use, it takes a bit more time to put on but that’s not an issue for me, I get to a shooting location and then the long lens is carried out of the bag on a sling. It provides a good deal of extra bump protection in use.  And, I have to say it looks aren’t bad either - it kinda looks chunky and serious  ‘E’ factor just nudged up a point or two

Photos can be provided if anyone is interested.

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