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Re: Fast Stacker v2.0

RvL001 wrote:

Very interesting project! I was looking at it and already looking at ways to create on for myself, until I realized: the M50 doesn't have a way to use a shutter release cable...

It only supports the Canon BR-E1 BT shutter release (or similar), or the app which can do it either by BT or WiFi.

I'm not too familiar with how a cable shutter release works, but if I understand correctly it is simple passing a small current to the camera?

I also don't know how the buttons on this shutter release work mechanically, but if it's simply a button you could use the current from the Fast Stacker to trigger the push button on the BT remote, for instance by using a (solid state) relay.

I can however imagine that is would cause timing issue, because BT transmission of course is slower than simply closing a circuit and making a current flow

Any thoughts on this?

That's a tough one! I wish camera manufacturers always provided a wired shutter option.

It does complicate things. It may be possible to disassemble the remote you have, and then hijack the shutter button. If you don't want to risk Canon's expensive remote, apparently there are a couple of cheaper options which work with M50:


AODELAN Carema Remote BR-E1

I wouldn't use relay, instead I'd use an optocoupler. I am already using it in my Fast Stacker v2.0. It acts as a switch (it doesn't send any voltage to the camera, so it's safe). Just connect the two output pins in parallel to the remote shutter's switch (ground pin has to go to the ground in the switch).

Don't worry about delays introduced by BT - shutter operation is pretty slow (say, a shot every second, or even every 5 seconds), so the 0.1-0.2 s delay shouldn't be a problem. You can always compensate for it by adjusting the timing parameters inside the code.

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