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I am doubting between purchasing the new 23mm or the new 33mm. Usage mainly for family photos/candid photography/indoor. I know only I can decide that but curious which one would you choose and why?

For the same price of the new 23mm1.4 you can get the 35mm1.4, 50mmf2 and the 23mmf2 used + a few vintage lenses

It will by far give you better results & more fun than with one lens.

I don't know where you live but around here (western Europe) you are being overly optimistic. No way I could find all of those lenses, even second hand, for the price of the new 23mm. The 23mm f2 is totally uninspiring btw. And what good is a 50mm f2 when you're in the market for a 23mm f1.4?

Me personally I will probably end up buying the new 23mm to use alongside my 35mm f1.4 and 18-55mm.

In Sweden the new 23mm1.4 is 1050 euros.

You can get the 23mmf2, 50mmf2 and 35mm1.4 for around 900 euros together on the used market in Sweden. I sold my 23mmf2 because I did not like the focal length and the rendering. I bought all three for 300euros each

+ I bought 40mmF1.8 and 50mn1.7 Hexanon used for 85 euros

The 35mm1.4 and 50mmf2 I will never sell.

More happy with my 18mmf2 than I ever was with the 23mmf2

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