BIFs With AW1.4x & DA*300

Started Oct 9, 2021 | Discussions thread
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Re: BIFs With AW1.4x & DA*300


I tried my beloved DA*300 with my K3II to shoot swallows in flight, trying to catch them as close to me as possible (since they are small), and the reactivity of the combo was largely insufficient. In the time required for the lens+camera to wake up, the swallows have been gone. The same exercise with K3II+DA55-300 PLM was much more successful, but I wasn't satisfied due to relatively low resolution power and strong vignetting.

In your case, likely you have been successful because these birds are slower, but it's really hard to say that this lens have adequate AF velocity for a 2021 lens.

It's just to share this experience and ask your thought. Thanks

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