R5/R6 display settings mini guide

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R5/R6 display settings mini guide

Ok, there are several threads with questions asked around configuring the displays of the R5/R6. More precisely, when which display is active. There are quite some settings to be found for that topic, however distributed along several sub menus, which makes it hard to get all ligned up properly.

That's why I want to share my findings for that topic and sum it up in this thread.

Problem 1:

"DSLR-like" display config: Using EVF for framing the picture, using LCD only for menus and review. All displays OFF when not looking through EVF and no menu/review is opened.

- RED MENU: Go to Menu Tab SHOOT7. There, select Shooting info. disp. Select Screen info. settings. Then enable nr. 6 (Screen off). --> Now you can disable the LCD by toggling the Info button. Feel free to remove options from that list, to make toggling quicker (I only use 3 options incl. OFF).

- YELLOW MENU: Go to Menu Tab SET UP3. Select Screen/viewfinder display. Turn it to Auto1 or Auto2. These two settings only behave differently in case the LCD is not folded in but opened to the left. In that case the eye-sensor is disabled with Auto1 (LCD will always stay on/off, no switch). With Auto2, it will switch to EVF.

Problem 2:

In case the display is folded in, the EVF seems always ON.

- True, for whatever reason this is the behaviour and AFAIK it cannot be changed.

- Easy work-around: Fold in the display with the display showing to the outer side. Now, the eye-sensor works as set up in Problem 1 and the EVF can be turned off completly.

- In case both displays shall stay OFF, even when approaching the eye-sensor, the easiest setup is choosing Auto1 in the yellow menu and open the LCD to the left. Now everything is turned OFF and stays that way. If opening the LCD to the left is no option, then the eye-sensor can be disabled by choosing the option "Screen" in the yellow menu.

Hope this helps some people when setting up their new cameras

Note: Tests were performed on a R5, AFAIK all points should work for the R6 as well.

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