R3, the ghost camera?

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Re: R3, the ghost camera?

PhotoKhan wrote:

higheronymous wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

Stig Nygaard wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

But where is the output from the "narrowspread" units that surely came with the "launch"?

Those were preproduction units. Not final firmware etc.

I don't see anything unusual.

Believe me, it is unusual.

In the past, I've had access to some new cameras in the time date in-between the launch and the commercial availability precisely because, after the launch, the cameras are made available to an ever enlarging circle of tester-users/ potential clients through national importers.

For this camera, it is just silence and that correlates with the lack of samples I mentioned.

It could mean something, it could mean nothing. With the Covid 19 any excuse is worthy of merit. Now they're saying there aren't enough workers to fill basic jobs. The other day Southwest cancelled thousands of flights due to low staff. Remember too there are barely any camera shops left. It's all going through the internet. I'm guessing that for Canon sending stuff out to shops is barely worth the trouble anymore. The few people who even know those shops still exist probably buy 90% of their gear off Amazon.com anyway.

Also there will be some time before raw processing software supports the new camera. Not even sure Canon's DPP software is out yet in a version supporting the R3?

Ok...Once again.

I am not talking about the commercial channel.

Canon was smart, exercising good precautionary sense to immediately inform, during the launch, that the camera would only be shipped in November.

I figured this time delay was meant for them to accrue stock in the present conditions.

What I referring to, here, is that what appears to also be happening is that not even the few hundred cameras needed for initial distribution amongst brand ambassadors, selected reviewers and importers HQs throughout the world seem to be available, given the absence of any output, other than the one made during the "launch".

...and I am wondering why...


Nobodies going to send you their raws for you to edit and play around with if that's what you're asking, we're still 3 weeks away from official release and potential start of shipping.

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