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Re: Sony RX10 IV Photos Downloading Dark

Enders Shadow wrote:

leftylynn wrote:

I took a photo with the new card, downloaded it to the computer. Put in the old card, took the same photo and downloaded it to the computer. The photo from the new card looks good on the camera screen and bad on the computer. The photo from the old card looks good on the computer screen and on the computer.

How disappointing! Now I have all of these pics from two different trips taken on this crummy SD card.

Doesn't anybody else have a issue with this idea?

Memory cards don't have ability change image brightness. When they do corrupt data, it's usually fairly obvious. File is unreadable, random or repeating patterns, fragments of other images and many other possibilities. But they won't globally change luminosity.

I can't think of a reason why there would be any difference. Maybe you have a custom settings stored on 1 of the cards. You should post both images so we can examine them.

The image you posted was taken in auto exposure mode. Spot metering point mode was selected and the EXIF data strangely indicates multi frame noise reduction was used. As has been mentioned, f/7.1 seems like a unusual aperture selection.

Different cards can't possibly have any effect on the brightest of an image.

Maybe the OPs display is set to 'Sunny Weather' and therefore will look very bright when viewing the images on the LCD screen, especially indoors.

So if we forget the misleading perceived differences of brightness on LCD screen and computer, the fact that the OPs images are slightly underexposed will definitely have something to do with having the camera in spot metering mode for landscape photos! Maybe a camera reset will sort it out.

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