Adapted Sigma E-mount 14-24 as alternative to Z 14-24?

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Re: Adapted Sigma E-mount 14-24 as alternative to Z 14-24?

I have both the Megadap ETZ11 and the Techart TZE-01 adapters and I find which adapter works best depends on the lens.

The Megadap doesn't (as of their current version 2 firmware) handle IBIS correctly and with UWA lenses you'll probably need to turn off IBIS.

IBIS works properly on the Techart with every lens I've tried.

Techart actually lists the Sigma 14-24 as a lens they have optimized for in their firmware notes (see below). Techart only specifically list a few lenses they have optimized for (the Sigma 14-24, Tamron 28-200 and 70-180). I don't have the Sigma but I have the Tamron 70-180 and it works really well so I trust them when they say they have optimized for a specific lens.

Google translate: "Optimized sigma art 14-24F2.4DG"

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