Is it possible to make digitised 35mm photos as good colour-wise as modern day digital photos?

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Re: Is it possible to make digitised 35mm photos as good colour-wise as modern day digital photos?

The early 1990s camera I have (an Olympus AF10 Mini) is harder to load than the Kodak ones you mentioned, but easier than those from the 1960s and 1970s. It looked like the majority of 35mm cameras from the 1990s, including many SLRs, had a similar loading mechanism to my point and shoot. Resolution wise this c.1993 point and shoot can definitely capture a higher resolution than 5MP and is capable of at least 12MP, which is the largest digitisation size I've attempted. Here's what an in-focus picture taken on it looks at about 12-13MP (this was taken in 2016 on a budget 24 frame 35mm reel that I bought for £1; it was taken in the centre of the British town Swindon). I suspect it may go higher in resolution than this but I don't have the ability to make the resolution any higher.

May I ask here how I can get the entire frame fully in focus when shooting with my DSLR? If I shoot without my lens extension tube, I'm able to get only close enough to make the image about 4MP, but the whole image will come out completely in focus. At the same time, if I use my lens extension to get the negative filling up the whole of my DSLR's frame, I find that some of the image, most commonly the left side and sometimes the top or bottom (but generally not both) will be out of focus, and if I adjust my camera's position to get that part in focus then other parts of the image that had been in focus will become blurry. It seems very challenging, at least on my camera, to get the entire frame 100% in focus when aiming at negatives.

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