X-T4 clarity vs other brands

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Re: It's the raw converter

JayPhizzt wrote:

Heinz wrote:

they use acr. If you're using C1 the Fuji files look ervery bit as good or better than the other brands with exeptional "clarity". Some time ago i did a blind test here and almost nobody was able to distinguish between a X-T20 and the Sony A7III. If you want the best iq from the x-trans you have to use C1, period.

I don't agree. If you want the best X-trans demosaicing use RawTherapee. I've done comparisons between bayer and X-trans files in Capture One and bayer files definitely look better in it.

Why should i use RawTherapy? I'm perfectly happy with the files in C1? I testet those free converters and none of them even came close to my idea of a usable software. But when you're happy with it, why not?

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