X-T4 clarity vs other brands

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Re: X-T4 clarity vs other brands

malathan wrote:

JayPhizzt wrote:

First of all sharpness is an almost entirely lens sided characteristic and has little to do with the camera/sensor. Fuji's lenses generally range from good to fantastic so that's definitely not a problem.

In this case however we have X-trans to take in to account which needs different processing/demosaicing to get optimal results and DPreview uses Adobe RAW conversion which is less than optimal for X-trans. If you're going to use Lightroom for X-trans I highly recommend to either use the "enhance details" feature in it or use Iridient X-transformer to get better results.

This is a very well known issue, but things have gotten a lot better than they were a few years ago. Nowadays there are several softwares that do a good job with X-trans. I for example use Capture One which works well with X-trans. However the program I've used with the best X-trans demosaicing is RawTherapee.

When you process your images/raws, are you exporting them as jpgs and then working off those or leaving as raws? I have always left my raws and used apps such as LR (currently On1 Photo Raw) to modify and process them, then would leave as-is (not export)...only exporting as jpg for sharing more as a temporary output. If Fuji is sensitive on which app is used for raws, then wouldn't you forever be locked into that processor unless you do a final output and treat that as your master image?

With Lightroom you can use the built-in Enhance Details utility or the Iridient X-Transformer plug-in from within LR to produce an additional DNG (which appears in LR next to the original RAF) that has been produced with superior (to standard Adobe processing) X-Trans demosaicing, but that will otherwise process exactly like the RAFS do (but without the standard processing issues).

The DNGs can be deleted (if you want) after the final jpeg has been exported if the development settings have been synced or copied back to the original RAF -you can always produce an identical DNG in the future with a couple of mouse clicks if you want to revisit a previous edit.

As good as the demosaiced DNGs are, they can never be restored to their original RAF form so keeping the original RAFs for the future is highly recommended (where better demosaicing options will very likely be available).

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