X-T4 clarity vs other brands

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Re: X-T4 clarity vs other brands

I've not been bothered with the clarity of my Fuji images, whether they are 16mp from the first generation or 26mp from the latest generation.  All are fine.  You aren't going to get pixel-level sharpness unless you downsize to 1/2 or 1/4 of original pixels, but this also applies to images from Bayer sensors.  X-trans rejects fine color moire much better than Bayer, and less moire means a better image.

Regular APS-C Bayer without optical antialias filtering will show you a "sharper" image but it will also show you a lot more color moire.  Low levels of color moire at detail edges can be interpreted in the mind of a viewer as more detail but it is false detail.  So, many viewers will prefer regular APS-C Bayer images from cameras without optical anti-aliasing filters.

Recently I bought a Sigma fp L. This is a 61mp Bayer sensor in a very small package:

Sigma fp L Overview: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

Sony has a more conventional implementation using this sensor: the a7R IVA:

Sony a7R IVA Overview: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

If you need detail one of these cameras might satisfy you.  For the price and resolution, and simply for the fun of using them, Fujis are pretty good.  I like mine.  Yes they can't match top end full frame results but that's not really where it is at with the Fujis.  Fujis will do great color and very good detail without artifacts such as moire.  And high ISO on the Fujis is great.

Good luck, and choose a camera you can enjoy long term, even if it isn't a Fuji!

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