X-T4 clarity vs other brands

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Re: X-T4 clarity vs other brands

JayPhizzt wrote:

First of all sharpness is an almost entirely lens sided characteristic and has little to do with the camera/sensor. Fuji's lenses generally range from good to fantastic so that's definitely not a problem.

In this case however we have X-trans to take in to account which needs different processing/demosaicing to get optimal results and DPreview uses Adobe RAW conversion which is less than optimal for X-trans. If you're going to use Lightroom for X-trans I highly recommend to either use the "enhance details" feature in it or use Iridient X-transformer to get better results.

This is a very well known issue, but things have gotten a lot better than they were a few years ago. Nowadays there are several softwares that do a good job with X-trans. I for example use Capture One which works well with X-trans. However the program I've used with the best X-trans demosaicing is RawTherapee.

When you process your images/raws, are you exporting them as jpgs and then working off those or leaving as raws?   I have always left my raws and used apps such as LR (currently On1 Photo Raw) to modify and process them, then would leave as-is (not export)...only exporting as jpg for sharing more as a temporary output.  If Fuji is sensitive on which app is used for raws, then wouldn't you forever be locked into that processor unless you do a final output and treat that as your master image?

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