Z 200-600 V.S. F mount super teles: IQ the only/major advantage?

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Re: Z 200-600 V.S. F mount super teles: IQ the only/major advantage?

mxk7 wrote:

Given the silhouette of the Z 200-600, and the fact that a Z lens is usually not smaller or lighter than its F mount counterpart, can we predict that the major advantage of the Z 200-600 would be the IQ (including AF/VR), when compared with AFS 200-500, Sigma/Tamron 150-600, etc.? I know the Z lens is native, but the extra length and weight added by the FTZ adapter are trivial for these giant lenses.

And if the Z 200-600 is going to be around ~2K US$, it would be significantly more expensive than these F mount lens (except Sigma 150-600 S). Not to mentioned the long wait before you can get one copy in hand.

Is everyone waiting for Z 200-600 (maybe 100-400 S as well) because of the presumed higher IQ? I intend to get the Sigma 150-600 C for casual use if the Z lens would weigh the same or even more.

I think without exception all the Z mount lenses are superior to their F-mount equivalents in terms of image quality and AF performance on Z. I will be happy if the 200-600 is as good ad the 200-5090 in optical quality but much faster focussing and the extra 100 mm will be handy - but expect it also to be a cut above optically.  While the Sigma 150-600 Sport is a good lens it is extremely heavy and not well balanced though the C version is lighter so hope Nikon also pay attention to these factors (and sure they will)!

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