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Is Diffraction Really A Concern?

I have heard/read many times that diffraction usually kicks in around f/11.  I very, very rarely need an aperture smaller than f/16 and diffraction has never been of any major concern in my experience.

But for the photo below, my "trusted" DOF calculator tolf me I need around f/22 to get the DOF I wanted for the shot so I set it.

I don't have the original raw file any longer but sooc the developed raw image looked very acceptably sharp.  In any case, I put the image through Topaz's Denoise AI, even though I couldn't really see any noticeable noise, and  Sharpen AI.  The sharpening helped improve sharpness even more, although the image didn't really need much more.

I don't see any effects of diffraction at all in this photo so I am asking myself if diffraction is really a concern with today's camera's, lenses and photo-editing software?

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