X-T4 clarity vs other brands

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Re: X-T4 clarity vs other brands

Thanks everyone for assistance.  Sorry I haven't responded till now.

The processed sample images have me confused.  As @Erik said, maybe it is down to the processor/app, but so many reviews and examples always show the fuji images as not as clear and sharp.  one youtube reviewer did a Nikon z6ii against the x-t3(4?) street review and almost ever image the Nikon was more clear.   This is what turns me away from Fuji.  Pixel peeper in me.  Even wife who watched the video with me agreed.  YET... so many show interest in the Fuji I still am hesitant to push Fuji aside.

Given my main use case is pets and landscape/vacations, very casual shooter.  With pets, my dogs are fast little buggers, so low light and fast lens would be nice.

Really like the reviews of the Canon R6/5 focusing, so leaning that route, especially since I have a 70-300 L lens (coming from Canon).  But 20 MP?!  ICK and $$$.

Z6II?  Better in cost...even considering the Z7II just for pixel peeping desire of more MP, but really...for just casual home and vacation shots...really?  But then there is still the side that doesn't like Nikon's lens lineup and lack of telephotos (I do like backyard wildlife on occasion) and could adapt my canon to Nikon (water and oil?).

But there there is the side that still likes the smaller size of Fuji and could see taking with me more often.  See many interested in it.  Many good reviews.  But then I look at image comparisons and just don't get it.  Additionally, I use primarily On1 and tried downloading some raws into it between Nikon and Fuji.  I too see soft areas, while Nikon and Canon were sharp.  So confused.

Waiting for Black Friday, so still have time to confuse myself more on what to go with. 

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