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Re: 7DIII?

Stakeouttoo wrote:

looks like the only hope for anything close to a 7DMkIII with be a rumored R7 mirrorless.. I'm still waiting--- but that EVF may still be a deal breaker

I just bought a 7D Mark II two weeks ago because I got tired of waiting (three years now) for the 7D Mark III and then the R7.  I have an R6 and absolutely love the EVF.  I shoot the R6 and the 6D Mark II (and now sometimes the 7D Mark II)  at the same time and when I pull the R6 up to shoot it just feels and looks so much better.   I could go on and on about why I like the EVF so much but that would hijack this thread.

I hope the R7 is a true mirrorless 7D Mark II beast.  If Canon gets it right (7D MII rugged, APS-C mirrorless with the AF and IBIS found in the R6) they will sell a bunch of them.

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