History repeating itself in the market

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Re: History repeating itself in the market

vaughanB wrote:

In the early days of digital cameras, there was rapid advance with new releases of all kinds of dedicated cameras almost daily, as time went on, heaps of these were discarded as people upgraded regularly for improved image quality and features, this lasted for years but as the technology matured the new releases slowed and now we are almost at a standstill certainly with respect to compact cameras

We now see exactly the same thing happening with smartphones, masses of development, feverish upgrading by consumers and heaps of inexpensive used smartphone (bargains IMO) appearing on ebay often taken in part ex for a new shiny model

Its just as interesting and exciting as the early days of dedicated cameras for me, it has certainly restored my interest

Hello Vaughn,

Thank you for your post. Like you, I find mobile photography quite interesting and fascinating as I did with digital camera developments years ago. Like many people on DPReview, I am a retired old fella. I own DSLR and mirrorless systems plus a range of compact cameras. I do photography as an enjoyable hobby. I would always have at least a compact camera with me whenever I went anywhere.

That changed in late 2019 when I bought a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 phone. A mid-ranger, it has 5 cameras on the rear, ranging from an ultra-wide through to a 5x zoom (125 mm equiv). Simple to use and good enough IQ that I no longer needed to tote a camera with me on a daily basis.

From phones, we move onto action cams like GoPros and 360' cameras. I have a cheap SJcam SJ8 Pro. The photos it produces are frankly garbage but the video quality is fine. Great for making simple vlogs on the go. Very lightweight. I don't do much video but the latest Insta 360 Go 2 might be the next one I will buy. So tiny yet versatile.

Next, we enter the world of DJI with all its drones and gimbal cams. A year ago, I bought my first ever drone. A Mavic Air 2. Talk about easy & fun to use, this is right up there. Very reliable. It has not missed a beat. Taking photos from 100 metres in the air puts a different perspective on your photography. I love it.

Not many people will say that the stills and video IQ produced from mobile gear are better than or even equal to dedicated cameras like my Nikons and Fujis. I certainly won't. Handling, use in bright sunshine and low light performance are not the best either but I find mobile photography with its lightweight form factor so easy to use and very enjoyable.

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