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KAAMBIC wrote:

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Agh, decisions, decisions, anyone been through this choice and share some findings? They both essentially have the same EVF right? But X-S10 has IBIS and fully articulating LCD, otherwise the main difference is ergonomics.

Any feedback on durability/reliability? Both made in Fuji's Chinese factories I am guessing? (I know, I know, the QC is still great, I get it)

Would really welcome thoughts from anyone else who has been though this process of choosing between these two models - I do not have anywhere local I can pick them up and handle them in person BTW

This choice is very subjective as we each have our own needs. I bought an XS10 last Christmas but the XE4 wasn't out yet. Knowing what i know now if i had to buy again, i'd wait on the XE4. I prefer a tilting screen and i think a rangefinder side EVF is more comfortable to the face. The XS10 has IBIS but it's a fairly low end IBIS IMO.

This is all a moot point as i recently bought an XT3 as my main cam and am now debating selling my XS10 but in your shoes, i'd buy an XE4. Just my 2 cents.

I choose the XS10 over the XT3 (already got XT2) and the XE4 ( worse grip, no IBIS, more plastic, smaller viewfinder,  slower handling)  I actually prefer my XE1 to the XE4 and would not swap it.

The XS10 is by far the smoothest camera I've own when it comes to pure image quality,  handling and fun. It lacks the soul of my XT2 and XE1 but when shooting indoor and late nights I'm glad I bought it.

I shoot down to 1/8 sec with the XS10 IBIS which I find great especially with Tele zooms and prime lenses and vintage lenses.


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