Cropping and Upsizing with Topaz

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Re: Cropping and Upsizing with Topaz

robert1955 wrote:

rick decker wrote:

Both Topaz Gigapixel and Adobe SuperRes are reasonable solutions for upsizing. Here is a shot I took and wished I had brought a longer lens.

Image1 the original shot with some editing but no croping or upsizing. Takenwith a 15-30 at 30mm on a 1.7 crop: (image1)

Cropped it down to get the tighter composition 1232 x 881: (image2)

Next run through Topaz upsizing it to 3010 x 2148 (image3)

Any comments appreciated.

Image 3 seems a bit softer to me.

Have you compared to traditional {Photoshop] upsizing?

Not on this shot but on others altahough I have not kept the results.  Both Topaz and SuperRes do a  noticeably better job.  I have compared it to photozoom and both are better.  When I get some time I will do another post.  May be a few days.  Image3 would have to be somewhat softer given the upsizing.

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