Burnt out on my x100f

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Re: Burnt out on my x100f

At least with an ILC you can buy different lenses if you get bored.

Good gear keeps value real well too - so you never loose much, it's more like rental fees really if you keep it in good condition WITH BOXES - NEVER GET RID OF THE BOXES.

Example - I've had my X-T2 bought £500 Mint used low shutter count and a warranty over two years ago.  If I sold it today I'd get close to that back

Got my 23mm F2 brand new £279 (OK GM but hey) I could sell it for that today and minus ebay fees have paid about £15 a year to use it....

Again paid £239 (GM) for brand new 18-55 F2.8-4 LM OIS and could get exactly that or more back for it today as it;s mint condition still

I'd keep the F though, they are nice.  I had a T and loved it, so easy to shove in a jacket pocket and always get the shot when you never planned to go out to shoot.

Unless you have a budget, then sell it towards shiny new gear!

It's funny, a change of gear even if it's a duplicate (I went X-100 T to a Canon SL1 and 24mm F2.8 pancake lens to now an X-T2 and 23mm F2) always seems to make me go out and get better photos, literally better than before, I think it's due to the emotional and psychological commitment and investment.  And excitement.


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