Cropping and Upsizing with Topaz

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Re: Cropping and Upsizing with Topaz

Nice shot Rick - I can see where Ken60 is coming from, but I find the crop stronger as the person stands out more. I suspect the uncropped version would win when printed big though?

FWIW there's one obvious issue with the upscaled version; the CA is bad. The (frame) right leg is green, as is the right half of the person's hair. There's a clear magenta halo around the rock they're standing on too. I recommend you fix the CA before you crop and run Topaz.

I might also experment with the different upscaling models a bit more? This one's a bit oversharpened, but I think your original is a bit under sharpened:

Crop uprezzed using Topaz Gigapixel AI, Lines model (SN:0, RB:63). Some painting in Color Mode using the Clone Tool to try and correct the worst of the CA.

Hope that is of use; it's a great shot

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