Nikkor Z 40/2 vs. Viltrox Z 33/1.4 vs. Nikkor F 35/1.8 DX on Z50

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Re: Nikkor Z 40/2 vs. Viltrox Z 33/1.4 vs. Nikkor F 35/1.8 DX on Z50

p5freak wrote:

Freedolin wrote:

Thanks. I just wanted to add similar comments. The focal plane is slightly tilted in the shots (not parallel to the surface of the packaging) and especially in the Z40 shots the camera/lens obviously focused slightly in front of the actual subject. The blur you see is not because of lack of resolution, but misfocus.

I can assure you that mine performs a lot better than this, both on the Z7 as well as the Z50 (both having nearly identical pixel density).

You can find some preliminary samples (inclduing wide open) here:

Nothing is misfocused. The camera was on a tripod, and it wasnt moved for the 40 and the 33. I had to remove the camera for the 35 DX, because the FTZ was in the way. I have retried it with the 40, and it looks the same.

Ok, after a few more days with the Z 40 I have to correct my conclusions of your shots: the issue is the really short focus distance. Near MFD, the Z 40 is very soft wide open, indeed. But only at MFD.

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