Dp3 Merrill Macro Focus Issues: Am I a dingus?

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Re: Dp3 Merrill Macro Focus Issues: Am I a dingus?

D Cox wrote:

Stop down more. I generally use f/11, f/13 or f/16 for macro on the DP3M.

Check your alignment more carefully. A copy stand is easier to level than a tripod. I use a spirit level that's about 3 inches (75mm) long.

Is your subject really flat ? Are you using a close-up lens ?

Don Cox

Hey Don,

For clarification, I am not using any macro/close up lens filters and am only using a tripod with a built in spirit level. The test shots below were done with each book flat against a wall.

This photo was taken at f16. To my eyes, there does still appear to be some hazy corners, which might be normal (I'm fairly new to macro work).

f16 Test

Here at the righthand corners and bottom left corner.


And here at each corner as well.


At this point, I'm starting to believe the overall lack of corner sharpness is either due to my own inexperience or just a normal part of macro work.

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