Iphone 13 Pro Max Raw - Poor Quality and Wildly Underexposed?

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Iphone 13 Pro Max Raw - Poor Quality and Wildly Underexposed?

Hey all,

Got the opportunity to play a great golf course yesterday but there was a bad threat of heavy rain and I have no waterproofing for a camera in my golf bag so I thought it would be a good time to give the new raw feature on the iPhone 13 pro max a try… and it’s terrible, I’m a little shocked at how poor they turned out. Then it got worse when I tried to edit it.

They seem edited despite being “raw” and come off as super soft and overall poor quality and then even more to my surprise I decided since it was raw I would put a couple through Lightroom Mobile and this is how it showed up when it went into Lightroom. First is a screenshot from Lightroom of the DNG and second is a screenshot of the photo as it shows up in the camera roll. Third I’ve included the actual file. EDIT: The actual file here obviously looks like what it does on the iphone camera roll which is surprising, not underexposed but the quality is still terrible. (separate matter)

As you can tell Lightroom is telling me it’s wildly underexposed, 2.5 stops give or take a little bit.

Is this a Lightroom problem? Is the phone doing something to the photo even though it says it’s “raw”? I certainly did not see anything that would’ve let me control the exposure, it showed it as good on the screen when I took the photo.

Screenshot of photo in Lightroom

Screenshot of photo in camera roll

Raw photo

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