iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

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Re: iPhone 13 Pro main camera is worse than my 12 Mini

tomatoketchup wrote:

I did some comparisons over the weekend between by previous iPhone 12 Mini and my new iPhone 13 Pro.

Best case scenario, in good light I can't see much of a difference when comparing the main cameras (26mm wide) which is by far the one I use the most.

Worst case scenario, I think the 13 Pro camera is actually worse in good light. Maybe I got a lemon, but I'd advise you to check for yourself if you recently got one of these.

Here's one example. The first two photos below are the full frames:

12 Mini full shot

13 Pro full shot

And the following two photos are 100% crops of the left center edge:

12 Mini crop 100%

13 Pro crop 100%. Look at the wood and the leaves in the upper left corner and compare to the 12 Mini crop.

Both of these pictures were shot in bright sun, so there's no camera shake involved. I used the native camera app which is what you see above. I also shot RAW photos with the Lightroom app to see if it made any difference, and if anything it made the 13 Pro shot look even more blurry.

This is only one example, but I did several comparisons both indoors and outdoors and got the same result: they either look virtually identical or the 12 Mini photo looks better.

I'd be interested to see if anyone else is having the same issue with the 13 Pro and the rest of the 13 series. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to end up returning this phone. This is not ideal for a device that costs $1000.

I read your post and yesterday noticed that some  photos I  took of grand kids were soft and no matter how much sharpening I applied in native edit mode they were still soft. (I always use focus lock.) Then I compared them to the first photos I took right after I received my phoneafter and they were sharp and crisp. I realized the soft photos appeared after I had set the photo quality to the vibrant setting. Took two photos today if same subject/ same light, locked focus and again noticed the pic taken in vibrant mode was softer. Hopes this helps.

Charlene Ahrens

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