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Re: At least seven years support

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

That was true in the early days of smartphones, but iPhones from the 6s model onward can expect to receive at least seven years of manufacturer's updates.

There's support and there's currency.

I just downloaded the latest iOS update to my iPhone 6 - but it's an update to a backlevel iOS. So it's still supported and, presumably, security issues continue to be addressed (for a while ?) But I can't run Audible on my phone because the app requires a newer iOS. I'm not letting that drive a purchase of a new phone - I just borrow my wife's newer phone when I want to listen to an audio book while exercising ... I intend to make my phone last as long as possible, but I can get more life out of a camera.

To Vaughan's point, though, my cameras purchases are driven by a desire for something new/different - in the early days, by drastic improvements. I imagine a lot of people get similarly excited about phones, but I basically wait until my current phone is problematic or unusable. I'm sure phones have reached a similar level of sufficiency (good enough for anyone's needs) but manufacturers have plenty of ways to throw improvements into each model that matter to (some) buyers. Combine that with the percentage of the market that upgrades each year and I don't think the phone business will ever decline as much as the camera business.

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