Burnt out on my x100f

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Re: Burnt out on my x100f

selrond wrote:

Wow, I didn't expect so many interesting responses.

Thank you for taking your time to respond, appreciate it!

As I see it (considering your inputs as well), I might have got a bit bored by shooting exclusively through one 23mm FL. I'm well aware about GAS in general, I'd realized many times that new shiny stuff lasts only a while.

I realize I might have given this thread too harsh of a title - I don't think I'm burnt out - I still love to take my x100f out when there's some interesting place I'm going, and still love getting surprised by much better output than what I saw on that tiny LCD while reviewing the shot after the fact. It's just that I wish these moments would appear much more frequently. I guess such is life though.

However, you gave me a lot of intriguing ideas to think about (the idea of photography projects in new to me) so thank for that!

Regarding renting as couple of you suggested - where I live (Slovakia) - there are not many opportunities to rent fuji stuff, but I'll have one more look.

W. Eugene Smith famously said, "often times the world doesn't fit nicely into a 2x3 frame."  Of course that was part of the debate between Smith and the disciples of Henri Cartire-Bresson who did not believe in cropping an image.  However, the same is true in that often times the world is not best represented by a 55 degree filed of view lens.

I found over 50 years that changing my "standard" most used lens often kick starts my interest.  I have gone from primary using a (in APSC terms) 35, 23, 18, 50 at different times as my standard lens. They all view the world a little differently because the focal length determines the magnification profile - both lateral and longitudinal - and that changes the perspective of the image.   I started out with (here APSC equivalents) a 35 and used it solely for about two years.  The I picked up a 23 but didn't particularly care for it but forced myself to use it for a year.  I went back to the 35 and used the 23 every once in awhile.  I then picked up an 18 and forced myself to use it mostly all the time for a year.  Then I did the same thing with the 50.  I forced myself to see the world through the perspective of those focal lengths and to used those to tell my story.  That often meant figuring out how to tell the same story differently but it helped me grow.  Now I use my 35 about 75% of the time followed with the 50 about 15% and the 23 and 18 combined about 10% of the time.

So other than jumping at a new shinny toy, an ILC might be what you need to give yourself a kick start.

The other thing is instead of concentrating on a single image - tell a story.  The photo essay is a powerful tool.  If one picture is worth a 1000 words, a series of pictures exploring the same scene could be worth a novel.

Just remember photography is not about the destination - it's about the journey.

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