Burnt out on my x100f

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Re: Burnt out on my x100f

bastibe wrote:

selrond wrote:

I still love to take my x100f out when there's some interesting place I'm going, and still love getting surprised by much better output than what I saw on that tiny LCD while reviewing the shot after the fact. It's just that I wish these moments would appear much more frequently. I guess such is life though.

To me, this sounds like you're growing as a photographer. I know the feeling. The more you learn, the better you get, the higher you set the bar for a "good" shot. Scenes that used to be exciting now look mundane, hardly worth a shot.

It can be demoralizing. Your appreciation for pictures has grown, but your ability to take them has not yet caught up. It can feel like you "lost your mojo". But in reality it might be a sign of the opposite. I find that doubling down on that feeling, and searching the good shot regardless, is extremely worthwhile. For me, this feeling marks times of growth.

When I look back on my pictures over the years, I can identify many such phases. The one where I started positioning things off-center. The one where I started thinking about framing. The one where I realized it's about light, not scene. And on and on. I only notice the realization in retrospect. But that feeling you describe was there at the time.

Regarding gear; I know playing with gear is part of my hobby. It gives me joy. I like toys. So long as this does not replace the joy of photography, I see nothing wrong with that. Personally, I don't like to be stuck at single focal length forever, nor with a single camera.


The only thing I can add is I’m a bit obsessed with getting it right in the field. I shoot RAW + JPEG just in case, and I probably have way more shutter actuations than necessary, but it may be that obsession that keeps me challenged.

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