Did I get a lemon 200-600?

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Re: Did I get a lemon 200-600?

David Cartagena wrote:


Always use manual focus for a test like this.

Test the lens at other focal lengths to see how the corners is.

Try to focus on the corners, instead of center and then see if they get sharp.

I don't think your corners is that bad, but I can see they are more unsharp on the right side. If you can't live with it then return it. I doubt it is the sensor.

Please also use a motif level with you and one a bit farther away from you.

See this. https://phillipreeve.net/blog/how-to-check-how-decentered-your-lens-is/

P.s. This is why I never buy a zoom.

I've used manual focus and described my test procedure in the first post. The thing is that I notice that the right side and especially top right corner has visible distortion and blurriness compared to all the other corners. The bottom right is the second worse. At all focal lengths, apertures and all my 3 lenses. The softness extends almost through  the whole 1/4 right side of the frame and gets better closeer to the center.

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