Dp3 Merrill Macro Focus Issues: Am I a dingus?

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This is not a good test image

16GreenBeans wrote:

brendanpaxton wrote:

I don't think this is user error, unless you miscalculated the surface being flat and at perfect angle. This is a typical issue you see with lenses (usually cheaper lenses), and usually at larger apertures, and also usually with wide angle lenses (edge distortion). Surprising to see at 50mm.

Since the lens is fixed on that camera, I would suggest trying different apertures on the same frame/subject to find the sweet spot of edge-to-edge image clarity. Each lens really has its own sweet spot on edge-to-edge clarity and it's never where you'd think it would be. Some lenses are sharpest at f/4, some at f/22.

Hey Brendan,

Miscalculating the angle could certainly could be the case. I took some additional macro shots to test focus and there does seem to be consistent fuzzy corners and the occasional fuzzy edge.

Here with all four corners.

And here at the top two corners, as well as the left edge.

I will certainly give your idea of running through the apertures a shot.



exposure of 0.6 seconds? Anything could go wrong. And it looks blurred all over.


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