History repeating itself in the market

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And me too...

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I have a smartphone. I find it incredibly useful, and at this point it is probably pretty much necessary-- to my work, my personal safety, my communication with others, and my entertainment. If something happened to it, I would have to replace it immediately. But that would be simply an expense, no more exciting than having the furnace repaired.

I feel absolutely no desire to upgrade it using my limited budget for personal indulgences. Its value to me is purely in what it can do, and as long as it continues to do it properly, I'm perfectly happy with it. I kept my last phone for almost 6 years, only replacing it when it stopped holding a charge and I thought it was not operating 100% reliably. That phone was a Nexus 5, a modest mid priced phone, and my current one is a Pixel 3a, an equally modest successor model. Both of them were entirely adequate, and while the second one is better (a little bigger, a little faster, better screen, better camera) it wasn't enough better to be exciting.

People sometimes say here that a camera is just a tool and they don't understand how anyone can get excited about it or care about it emotionally . That's how I feel about a smartphone. My cameras, on the other hand ... I am excited to buy a lens, and getting a new camera is more like adopting a pet , a careful, thoughtful, nerve racking, and eagerly anticipated major choice.

Well, I could have written that myself! Exactly the way I feel about mine - which coincidentally is also a Pixel 3a.

Google never sold very many Pixel phones, and the 3a is one of their models with the least sales, yet I have one too. And for me, it is an absolute joy. It does everything I want it to do, and has enough memory (64GB) and a headphone jack.

And while the camera is certainly not the best available today, it is exceptionally good. I especially like the night mode and the portrait mode. I paid $400 for it back in 2019, and I plan to keep it for at least two or three more years. And then I will probably buy a Pixel 5a or 6a, if they are the current version.

The only downside is that Google says they will not provide Android updates after May 2022, so that means they only guaranteed OS updates for three years. But the phone won't stop working, it just won't get the newest version of Android each year.

The oldest version of Android still supported is 5.0 which was released in 2014,  Android 12 was just released, and if they support it as long as they have supported 5.0, that would take it to 2028. And by then I will 79 years old. And when you get that old, you don't plan too far ahead!

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