Did I get a lemon 200-600?

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Re: Did I get a lemon 200-600?

Glenn Barber wrote:

Standard is the right one - some of us you had the focus priority setting were getting horrible results until we changed this setting.

I might add that problems with long lenses, aren't always the lens. I had a problem once which was caused by the sensor assembly being out of alignment. If you see a consistent soft side with multiple lenses, its may be your body (especially likely if you dropped it)

Thank you for the tip! I haven't dropped the body and bought it new but I notice that all my lenses tend to get slightly softer on the right corners compared to the left. Although it is different on some the top right corner is the softest and the other the bottom right corner... Well, I have 3 lenses in total so it is possible to be just my luck. I will try to find another full frame body to try the 200-600. I have a6300 but there the corners look nicer because I guess it uses the center of the glass.

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