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The 100-400 is presumably an S lens, which means it probably will have a fixed aperture, so maybe 5.6 (and even less likely, but still possible f/4), but if we look at the pricing of other S lenses, I would expect the 100-400 to be $1500 atl east, but probably not more than about $1800 because my guess is the 200-600 (a non-S lens) will be around $2000 to match (roughly) the price of Sony's 200-600.

So you are predicting that the non-S 200-600 will be 1.5* the price of the 200-500 but the 100-400 S will be 65%-85% of the price of the 80-400? I mean, you might be right, my crystal ball is never very reliable, but my guess is that the S lens will be the more expensive of the pair.

(Though if you are right I definitely will not complain!).

Well, part of me says that they 200-600 has to be competitive with Sony's option. Most of the other lenses are for the most part (within say +/- $200 in most cases).

I couldn't see the 100-400 exceeding $2000 to be honest. It could be $2000 or close to it, but I don't see it being much more than that. Because if that was the case, then some or many might just stick with their Tamron or Sigma and the FTZ.

I still suspect the 200-600 to be around $2000 though. That one we can probably be more sure of. If we look at some of Nikon's other S lenses (regardless of zoom vs. prime) it seems that they are charging a premium, so I do expect the 200-600 to be more than the 200-500, despite it being variable aperture (most likely), and I do expect the 100-400 to carry a premium, but probably not more than $2k, and probably more like $1800 is my guess.

Part of it has to do with competition from other brands too, including potential third party options as well. We don't know if or what Tamron or Sigma might offer in the future, but I think we can use Sony and Canon's pricing of similar options to be a good ballpark range.

The (just discontinued) AF-S 80-400 still sells for $2300 but at the time it was released sold for a bit more than the then 70-200 2.8. The Canon and Sony options are both $2500+, variable aperture and part of their premium lines so would expect the Nikon 100-400 to be at least $2500. Wouldn't be surprised if the 200-600 sold for around the same - not an 'S' lens but 50% more reach.

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