A prime shooter's musings on light zooms (XC 50-230,XC 15-45)

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Re: A prime shooter's musings on light zooms (XC 50-230,XC 15-45)

Thank you for the interesting real-world review of the XC lenses.

I have a decent range of f1.4/f1.2 and f2.0 Fuji primes, plus the XC 50-230 and the old XC 16-50.  I agree completely about their versatility and light weight, although for me the main shortcomings are highlighted when compared to my most used lenses (23 and 35 f1.4).  The limited max aperture is not such a huge issue if I compare the XC's to my f2.0 primes, but it's a big issues compared to an f1.4 prime.

The 50-230 can almost redeem itself at longer focal lengths, but I really miss f1.4 when I want to control depth of field.  For that reason alone, I would never leave the trusty 35 f1.4 at ho.e and rely on zooms alone.  However, I don't own a 16-55 f2.8, so that could break my prime addiction.

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