A prime shooter's musings on light zooms (XC 50-230,XC 15-45)

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Re: A prime shooter's musings on light zooms (XC 50-230,XC 15-45)

XiMenQing wrote:

I really appreciate the effort you put into this post. It is interesting hear someone's musings on a travel set up and the rational behind it plus their results.

Thank you. Indeed, it's interesting to hear about others' rationale. This was an internal flow of thoughts for a while, and more than once I asked myself: Surely, I can't be the only one thinking about this?

It was a timely post for me as I am starting to move towards zooms a little more now (16-80 + 50-230), whilst keeping the odd prime or two at most (18mm f2 + 35mm f1.4).

That sounds like a fine kit of four. Particularly the 35/1.4 seems like a sensible supplement to two slower aperture zooms.

Were I to travel more with just two zooms, indeed the 18-55 or 16-80 might be worthy of my consideration. The extra reach and WR of the 16-80 are interesting, but so is the value proposition and weight of the 18-55. It would be a tricky choice for me.

Ultimately, for me a standard zoom is a secondary lens, so the low price tag and low weight of the 15-45 tipped the scale in that direction.

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