History repeating itself in the market

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Marty4650 wrote:

BrentSchumer wrote:

The difference is that old smartphones are a security risk, due to limited update lifecycles. Buyer beware.

And your "BRAND NEW $1,100 Smartphone" will become an old smartphone in two or three years time. Thus making it a "security risk that requires replacement."

The problem here is that cameras with "mature technology" can last ten years or more, but a smartphone with the latest and greatest technology in it has a very limited lifespan.

And this is marketing genius. Because they have created a very desirable, but also very expensive disposable device. Normally, disposable devices are cheap things like ballpoint pens, or paper cups.... but this time they have succeeded in creating a very expensive disposable device.

And they deserve a lot of credit for that. At least, from their stockholders...

An excellent post!


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