History repeating itself in the market

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Re: History repeating itself in the market

mamallama wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

mamallama wrote:

Travis Nicky Bombastus wrote:

Manufacturers are chum-feeding smartphones to a frenzied populace they've hooked on an endless addiction cycle to social media.

Amidst the epidemic of selfies, mental health has never been poorer and the prevalence of body dysmorphia never been higher. It's not the photography, per se, that drives adoption, but rather the promise of more attention, regard, and recognition that the new device might garner.

And manufacturers are all too happy to feed this desperate and maladaptive quest for likes and validation with hyped promises.

But the devices always fall short--because that's what addiction is: you can never have enough. And so the cycle continues...

Smartphones have become a necessity in modern life more than an addiction . They have replaced telephones

They haven't replaced telephones, they are telephones.

, newspapers, computers, communication devices, television

You really think they have replaced televisions and you have sales figures proving this.

, map, etc. not to mention cameras.

Now you say they have replaced cameras, before you were saying they were cameras. Which is it?

The cell phone has also replaced the functions that your wallet was normally used for.

See I totally disagree with your ultimist position. They haven't replaced all the functions you've mentioned, they have simply become an additional portable tool to be used alongside PCs, TVs, Cameras etc.

My partner's son has a smartphone which he uses a lot but he also has his PC where he communicates and games with his friends, who are now scattered around the country in different universities.

I have a smartphone camera which I use on a regular basis but I still use cameras for serious photography. I've watched TV on my phone or tablet when travelling but I have a full size TV at home which I prefer. I also use my phone for music and radio but I prefer my Marantz stereo system for serious listening. And so do many other people.

Yes smartphones are handy little tools but they're not the be all and end all of everything.

None totally but in many cases, yes. Your examples prove it.

Only if you deny or don't know the meaning of the word "replaced".

My argument was that you were exaggerating the impact of the smart phone with your claim that it had "replaced" the functions mentioned above but now you admit that it's replaced "none totally", so it seems we agree.

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