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Daniel Feldt wrote:

I'm getting my 8 foot truck camper ready for winter photography in the Pacific Northwest. I remodeled and tore out all the old electrical and propane stuff. I am upgrading to solar. I am not sure about electrical stuff and would rather get some opinions.

I will be running (not all at the dame time) a 1500 watt stovetop, 90 watt laptop charger, 1200 watt toaster oven, maybe 60 watts of LED lights, a desktop computer and a 41 watt monitor. The desktop is an AMD 3900x CPU with an RTX2070 GPU, 2TB SSD, 64GB RAM with a wifi motherboard. I don't know the wattage but I think the power supply is 600 watts. Other than that I'll be charging 3 A7iii camera batteries each day and a Godox ad200 flash every week.

I'm hoping to spend about $1200 or less to make this happen. I've been looking at Renogy products as I've used their panels and chargers in a previous project.

I know I'll need a pure sin wave inverter to run the PC, but is more needed? I'd use the PC maybe 2-3 hours each day.

I'm thinking 4 100 watt solar panels, a 30 amp charger that allows charging via alternator or solar, a 2000 watt pure sin wave inverter, and 3 122AH deep cycle batteries.

Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas or tips? Thanks!

Honestly, I suspect you can't accomplish what you want with solar unless you spend a LOT more money. Between the cells, batteries and controller it's going to cost a ton. The stove and toaster oven are especially problematic. Coffee makers also use lots of power and a small gas stove might work better, too.

For home power emergencies (I live in Texas and our grid is junk) I opted for a modest inverter generator. I bought a Champion 3400 Dual Fuel inverter generator that operates on either propane or gasoline. That comes well within your budget and is very quiet. It runs 16-18 hours on economy mode and puts out clean inverter power for computers and whatnot.

Later I attached a power transfer switch to my circuit breaker panel so I don't even need to run cords. I understand the desire to use solar, but think this approach might work far better for you with less cost and hassle.

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