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Still any reliable info on a possible Canon 7Diii before the 3rd millennium?

The 7D3 is out there - it's the R6.

APS-C is done. It's over.

Pixel density is not over, and there is probably a larger market for an ~32.5MP APS-C RF body than an ~83MP FF with ~32.5MP in crop mode, which would be far more expensive, and may have less effective IBIS.

Agreed, and by the time that body comes along EVF advancements may remove most concerns.

No one cares about pixel density. It was a way of selling cheap sensors 18 years ago.

Canon have the 90D for anyone truly wanting an APS-C DSLR at this point.

The 7D II is only 7 years old, the 90D was released only 2 years ago. There will be no more new DSLR bodies at all, and 7D II users are looking for a true upgrade to that body. The 90D isn't quite it, so a mirrorless version would have great appeal to those users.

I am one of those users. The R6 is a lovely camera but just does not have the pixels on subject that I am used to. By that measure alone it is a downgrade, add in the ergonomics and the battery life and the average 7D2 user is left a little wanting. The R5 when cropped is only 17mp compared to the 20.2 of the 7D2 so again, users may be a little disappointed when you add in battery life etc. I have actually heard more than a few users of the R5 out in the field saying just that. Having tried the R5 extensively myself it is a stunning camera, but the EVF does have limitations and especially when tracking a fast moving bird from a light background to a dark background it struggles. Amazingly it still keeps A lock as long ad you can guess where the bird is and keep it in the VF. It was also quite funny when I was in a hide one day and as all the action was happening in perfect light with some very hard to catch birds that not one, but three R5 users had their batteries die mid action. I just carried on the whole day with my 7D2 but there was quite a bit of swearing from R5 owners. Sure, they could have all added battery grips but that totally negates the point of having a "lighter" mirrorless system, especially as even then the battery life is still half that of a 7D2 with one battery.

Personally, I am willing to handle the battery limitations. I can deal with that. I hope that EVF performance improves as time goes on, it certainly has with the R3 which I was lucky enough to have a play with recently. What I am not willing to do is spend thousands on a camera and get less pixels on subject. For me that just makes no sense. Nor am I willing to have to compensate by lugging around a bigger lens, also at huge cost. I tend to be very mobile as a photographer, not one to turn up at a spot and sit there all day camera on tripod. I shoot handheld often walking miles. Carrying the extra load would take away not only the versatility, but a lot of the fun. I don't want to end up going home with arms like lead, severe back ache and a migraine. I get everything I need from 400mm on a crop body which is why my FF camera gathers dust on a shelf.

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