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Rambow wrote:

Not being able to update the youtube and facebook apps is not a risk.

Is it risky using old mobile OS if you are a celebrity or carry important data on your phone? Sure, but in that case hackers will get you anyway no matter how up to date your device is , either by breaking into your various accounts, or by using spyware, like Pegasus.

The only possible way to be safe is to disconnect your phone from the internet, or better yet avoid using it altogether.

Www and safety are opposing words, they don't go together. People like Snowden know way more about this than regular people like me ever will:


This is beyond ignorant. Phone operating systems (the software that apps like YouTube and Facebook run on) require constant updates to mitigate risks. They are readily available to peruse online: https://source.android.com/security/bulletin

While security updates won't render your phone 100% secure, a lack of updates will certainly leave more vulnerabilities open.  It's like not locking your front door when you go on vacation, because someone could shimmy down your fireplace, instead.

There's a reason why scammers and identity thieves prey on the tech-illiterate, with astonishing success.

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